Two Exciting New Announcements! 

Two Exciting New Announcements! 

I know this is not your usual post you expect from me. Why am I using my Saturday to tell you some wonderful news? 

 Well I already posted my ‘thoughts’ for the week- and did that early. “How unprofessional!” You must be thinking. 

 Maybe it is, I don’t know. 

But I wanted to fully dedicate this page to sharing with you, my lovely followers, news that will forever alter my life. So… here we go. (Let’s start with the least exciting first, shall we?) 

  • I’ve opened up a new Instagram account! 

Yes, that’s right. It’s a new account solely dedicated to my writing. So if you’re interested in seeing what happens on the inside of a Writer’s life (quotes, thoughts… basically just the journey to publishing my first book) then scoot on over and follow me at the_queen_of_wonders ! (Currently my account is private so you’ll have to request me.)

And now for the exciting part!!!!

  • Your old blogger has been asked to be part of TCB writing staff- and I said yes!!!

 You’ve got it. Because of this here blog and my writings on the Rebelution, they wrote me and asked for me to be one of their twelve! So excited about that bit. 

This means that I will be writing for them once a month- and will be featured on the Meet the Authors page along with the link to this here blog. 😉 

Currently I am working on a series titled “Drop the Mike.” The first article will be released sometime in July. 

 So… scurry on over to the link below and subscribe to TCB to never miss a post!
That’s it!
Forever I remain,
Your sister in Christ
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The Beginning of All Things

Well, I guess here is where I begin. This blog will just be a short introduction, yes, but I plan on having my first article out on Saturday. So, this is the beginning. I’m so excited and a little ‘eh’ at the same time. Hopefully, I will be what you need, when you need it! If not, goodness knows, you are on your own. So lets get started. This website may be titled Dystopian Logic, but I’m here to help you in every genre from historical romance to futuristic thrillers. Subscribe now and you will not be disappointed! My first article will be about  ‘Creating a Brand New World’ will be out on Saturday! See you then!