Two Exciting New Announcements! 

Two Exciting New Announcements! 

I know this is not your usual post you expect from me. Why am I using my Saturday to tell you some wonderful news? 

 Well I already posted my ‘thoughts’ for the week- and did that early. “How unprofessional!” You must be thinking. 

 Maybe it is, I don’t know. 

But I wanted to fully dedicate this page to sharing with you, my lovely followers, news that will forever alter my life. So… here we go. (Let’s start with the least exciting first, shall we?) 

  • I’ve opened up a new Instagram account! 

Yes, that’s right. It’s a new account solely dedicated to my writing. So if you’re interested in seeing what happens on the inside of a Writer’s life (quotes, thoughts… basically just the journey to publishing my first book) then scoot on over and follow me at the_queen_of_wonders ! (Currently my account is private so you’ll have to request me.)

And now for the exciting part!!!!

  • Your old blogger has been asked to be part of TCB writing staff- and I said yes!!!

 You’ve got it. Because of this here blog and my writings on the Rebelution, they wrote me and asked for me to be one of their twelve! So excited about that bit. 

This means that I will be writing for them once a month- and will be featured on the Meet the Authors page along with the link to this here blog. 😉 

Currently I am working on a series titled “Drop the Mike.” The first article will be released sometime in July. 

 So… scurry on over to the link below and subscribe to TCB to never miss a post!
That’s it!
Forever I remain,
Your sister in Christ
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My first blog post

My first blog post

Inspiration for today—-
I’m sitting at my desk tossing a look at my surroundings. My hair is still wet from my shower and I’m feeling hungry for lunch… even though it’s not that time yet. 

 My eyes fall on my outline that I have pinned up to my wall. There are check marks where I have completed those parts and red Xs where I have cut out the unnecessary. And still everywhere there are writings of changes, things I should do differently and what I should change. 

 What keeps me in awe of this outline, however, is it shows me where I am. I am now closer to the end than the beginning. 

 And that’s crazy. 

I remember when my arms were unable to write… staring at that paper being like “I’m never going to finish this. This goal is unobtainable. I have failed.”

 And yet I kept on pushing. 

 And little by little, the check marks proceeded down the page and the doubt lessened. I knew I could do it. And so, my friends, I did. 


Life is like an outline. Sure, maybe the future words of your outline are invisible. I know mine are. You might wake up, not knowing what you have to do tomorrow. Every single day you have to rewrite that outline because of something that goes wrong— or unbelievably right. 

 Those pen marks on my outline are like the things you will change tomorrow. The red Xs of your life are the things you avoid because you are afraid they will turn out wrong. 

 So you go a different way. 

Sometimes you are glad that you did.

And sometimes…you are not.

But every day I think you should congratulate yourself because of how far you have come. 

 Be like me after each writing session!

Stand up triumphantly and write your check- because you have succeeded. 

 And no matter the hardships… keep on pushing. Even when it seems unobtainable, impossible… even when it seems like you have failed. 

My favorite thing to tell myself is this- 
“You do not fail until you put the pencil down.”
And that goes for everything in life too. Even when things suck and everything is absolutely terrible… do not stop. Keep the pencil gripped in your hand tightly and scratch down those words. Even if they don’t make sense… keep at it. 

 Because someday they will.
And when you start to look at the outline of your life, do not think about how far you have to go. Flip to the other side of the page and stare at all those checks. 
Look how far you have come.



Hello lovely people!!! I have been so busy with my actual book-writing, I haven’t had much time to write anything else. But, I do have this small, short story I decided to share with you.
Beat the fire. Defeat the fire. Master the fire. Gain the fire.
These words ring in my head, bringing a bit of cold to my overheating body.

Tossing a look at my surroundings, I take in everything. The lava, the ash, the burning sand. This inferno has been my home for three days.

Time is running out.

I wipe the sweat off my forehead, looking up at the crack of Sky. There’s hardly any daylight in this Abyss- only the light provided by the molten rock.

Mama said that she has seen dozens of Fire Girls enter this Abyss as an offer to the gods, only a few returning. None have come out unscathed.

I see what she means now. I have burn marks all over, and the small amount of burn ointment that they gave me ran out yesterday. The bit of armor they gave me has etch marks from the burns I received, and I’ve lost an inch of hair to the charring fire.

If I don’t get out by sunset… it’s all over.

“Alright, Yaretzi,” I croak. “Time to go.”

Swinging my bow over my shoulder, I continue on the Path of Inferno.

I don’t know how long I walk. I’m sort of in this dark, hazy dream. My water lowers by the minute. Heated lava moves around me. Lava fleas buzz around my head. There’s a ringing in my ear.

At last, I can’t take it anymore. I collapse on the heated sand and close my eyes.

           Just for a minute, I think.

When I awake, the sun is setting. There’s a large pounding in my head and I feel nauseous, even though I haven’t eaten anything since I left the Sky.

I cannot move on. I don’t have enough time. So do I give up?

They want a hero, I tell myself. Someone they can look …up to.

Cocking my head, I crouch on the ground. I take out my bow and arrow, stringing the arrow and aiming it at the soft rock.

Taking my aim, I delve the four arrows into the soft rock. A ladder up to the Earth and Sky.

The sun above me has almost faded. Swallowing the hollow sandpaper in my mouth, I drop my bow on the ground and make a running jump. Gripping the first steel arrow, I swing my body up to the next.

At last, all I have to do is swing myself up to the top of the Abyss. I jump for it.

My hand grips the cool Earth of the Sky. But it’s slipping and, oh, I’m not going to make it!

Then there is a hand on top of mine. A hand that seems a thousand times stronger than mine.

Zolin holds onto my hand and pulls me up until my feet touch the cool Earth. A stifling wind moves through my hair, and a slight drizzle is pouring from the Sky.

I collapse into his arms.

Four Steps to Creating A Villain

Four Steps to Creating A Villain

One of the hardest things for me was creating the villain. I knew that they had to be evil- but I have trouble creating them. I’m not a particularly evil person, and so to create someone who is can be scary. And then I realized something- they don’t have to be evil. They have to be humans- who breathe and cry just like us. Now, if you’re writing a sci-fi where the villain is some sort of rebel A.I… that’s a little different. Robots don’t have feelings (that’s why its Artificial Intelligence)- but you must make sure that your evil character does.


1. Give them a background
Every evil character in history has some sort of background. Not an evil background- but a background that made them turn into what they are. Did his parents hate him because of his deformed face? Was there a meteor shower that killed his parents? Make him have some sort of past so that the readers will be able to understand them a little bit more.



2. Give them something to ‘feed’ off of
Every good villain has some sort of goal. Whether it’s to dominate the world or have revenge on his brother- it doesn’t matter. Make your villains have some sort of unobtainable goal where they will not be satisfied unless they reach it. Does your evil queen want to be the ‘fairest in the land’? Does your step-mother want to bring her step-daughter into the ashes? Do they want to dominate the world? Wipe out an entire planet in order to stop a disease? Yes, all of these examples are from books and stories- quite popular ones. Your villain must want to obtain something unreachable- and therefore he does all these ‘evil’ things to try to reach it.


3. Make them human
I’ve read books where the villain was the master of all evil, the darkness of all storms, and the worst possible nemesis. It kind of hurt- because the authors didn’t make them human. They made them… fake. As I was reading it, I was like ‘where is the emotion’? Now, I know it’s easy to slip into the ‘oh, he’s a bad guy so he doesn’t have a heart- therefore he doesn’t have any emotions’ thinking. I’ve done it many times. But those are the moments that you need to remember that they are human, and they do have thoughts. You may not show these thoughts, but you must act on them. The villain may not, but you must. If you start thinking of them with pity- everything will come out different. Did President Snow ever lay awake at night thinking of all those lives he killed? Probably not- but he might have. He is, after all, human.


4. Have pity on them- they’re also your creation
    Blood. Death. Destruction. Bad guy dies. Arghhhh! Yes, I’ve read books where it is like this. The good people march in and kill the bad people without a second thought. Well, what’s the problem here? We want happily ever after- right? Yes. Well, what happened to justice? I’ve never liked to think of my protagonists as murderers. It makes me ache a little. So, what if you were to have pity on these villains- and let justice be done? Why not preserve your characters good name and not kill him? See, Katniss doesn’t kill President Snow… he’s killed by choking on his own blood. And he choked on his own blood because of all the poison he used to kill people. See? His fault that he died. Not Katniss’. Have pity on both of your characters and spare your villain. Your book will be much different after that. What to do with them afterward, then? Well, lock them in prison, make them turn good, banish them. The possibilities are endless!





Red, the flush on our faces, the roses in the bouquet-

The color of our dress while in his arms we


Orange, the color of the sunrise, the fire in our chest-

The color of the pennies for a ring and a family


Yellow, the center of daffodils, like the center of our hearts-

The color of our wanderings that tears our love


Green, the color of growth when love is found again-

Where seasons start and flowers grow and love is not


Blue, the colors of the tears we cry while all is ripped away-

The color of the oceans apart and the light of a brand new


Indigo, the color of the dye that stains the purest cloth-

The color of tomorrows new horizons and the moonlit


Violet, the color of the flowers like it all began-

The color of her smiling eyes and the altar which you



The rainbow was created by sorrow and pain-

The crystals that create the rainbow

Must first create the rain.

This is one of 6 poems I had published. Out of all of them, this is the most recent. 


 We leave on the morrow for a trip, so that is why I’m releasing this early. 🙂 

 Interstellar Association

 Interstellar Association

Annual Interstellar Association,

number 2,017:

The Discussion of Eradication

From the Decree of Parsecs:

By order of his majesty the Sun,

Each year, every celestial body

Be them stars, planets, comets or constellations,

Shall meet to discuss the ruling of each secpar

and vote in and out the election of new moons, the paths of comets

and the obliteration of secondary planets.

This meeting shall henceforth and forevermore

be known as the

Interstellar Association.

This year, the 2,017th meeting of the celestial bodies was held in the realm of the Kuiper, guarded by the thousands of meteors that circled the realm. Each planet and constellation filed into the conference hall, their faces grim and ready. The comets had been here already for a while, their bodies cold, their tales wrapped around their slender bodies. They stayed as far away as possible from the center of the room, where the sun stood gazing at the stellas.

“Oh, shut up,” Venus proclaimed loudly, batting her eyelashes at the constellations and secondary planets who gazed at her with awe. She was the hottest planets of them all, and therefore always had some stellas glancing at her. She was used to it by now, however, and didn’t care about them anymore.

Mercury, her brother, sat next to her, his hands folded promptly in his lap. He was also good looking, but since there were hardly any other girls in the universe, he kept his looks to himself. But that didn’t mean the two of them weren’t admired by the constellations. Both he and his sister had the golden rocks.

Jupiter sat by himself, nursing another one of his asteroid wounds, looking as beat up as ever. He watched the others in the hall with a cynical eye, hatred and blood-lust etching his very being.

It was funny to the Sun. He had placed Jupiter in front of Earth for a purpose, thousands of years ago. Jupiter was always getting in a fight with Mars, and the best way to sate his desire for blood was to be a constant guardian of the people on earth.

Mars was, as well, nursing his wounds, grumbling about more of those human rovers on his rustic, dry plains. “I make ’em hot for a reason,” he could be heard muttering. “And then cold at night. But do they listen…? Oh… no way!”

Many a time, he had appealed for retirement, preferring to guard against asteroids than having to deal with those pesky things called humans. And every single time, he had been turned away.

“Alright, is everyone here?” the Sun spoke up, looking to Mercury for his nod. He was the one who delivered all the invitations and therefore would know when everyone had arrived.

After Mercury gave his nod of consent, the Sun began to speak.

“I have an idea,” Mars spoke up. “What if-“

Not again… those words could be heard like a collective breath throughout the entire Kuiper belt. Even the Asteroid Security System (which helped keep peace in the entire universe) could be heard trying not to laugh.

“We told you,” the Sun shook his head. “Venus has declined you moving next to her. She shall stay next to her brother, and if you try to move again-“

“Right,” Mars shook his head. “Great. Rejected. Again.”

Haley was the next one to speak. “I would like to suggest a new path for my rotation? It gets so entirely lonely on that eternal journey, around and around. What if we were to make it… shorter?”

“Yeah, like you can talk!” Hale-Bopp groaned from where he was rubbing ice on his tired body. “I’ve been on the same journey for over a thousand years.”

“I’m just saying-” she was cut off by Encke.

“That is true, Sun,” he bowed his head in respect. “You’ve been much kinder, giving me a journey of only about three earth-years.”

“If you’re going to give shorter work years to anyone, give ’em to me,” an older comet spoke up, his voice hoarse from lack of use. “113,782 years I travel. And I haven’t even made a whole orbit yet. This entire thing is Bootes!”

“Hey! Watch your language!” Bootes, the herdsman constellation yowled. “My name is not to be used for your own poppycock, Hyakutake!”

“Hyakutake, Hale-Bopp, Haley,” the Sun shook his head. “I apologize, but I cannot change your orbit. You are, after all, our message delivery system.”

“Really? Fine then, I quit!” Hale-Bopp yowled.

“You might want to rethink that, Hale-Bopp,” Haley said quietly, gesturing to outside of the Kuiper belt. “You know what happens to stellas when they reject their work. They spend a thousand years in Behemoth.”

The entire hall fell silent.

Fear lit every one of their cores as they remembered the star who had defied the Sun, trying to overthrow his power and claim the universe as his own. Thus, in appeal to the Maker, the star was cursed and turned into a huge Black Hole, which now served as a prison.

“Actually, ” Hale-Bopp said weakly. “I’m… fine.”

“Any more appeals?” the Sun asked.

“Yes,” Mars spoke up. “If I can’t have Venus can I at least have some of Jupiter’s ladies?”

“HEY! NO, you know I won this fair and square!” Jupiter shouted. “Every single one of these is mine. You go ahead and win your own!”

Mars was about to open his mouth to speak when a chill fell over the entire hall.

“What’s this? A party?” A voice said, its voice like silver. “Wow, I feel so loved. A party in my own backyard and you didn’t even invite me.”

Venus cringed. “Great,” she muttered.

“Pluto!” Saturn shouted. “I thought you were banned from these conferences!”

“Yes, you tried to ice Venus!” Uranus said angrily.

“Wasn’t taking away my title enough?” he cooed, coming towards the sun. “I used to be greatly feared as a planet- now you have turned me into a dwarf. How… displeasing!”

“You deserved it,” Venus said angrily.

“Whoo… so cold,” he shook his head. “And I thought I was chilly. Well, well, Venus. Did that ice stay in your core after all?”

“No, thankfully,” she bit out. “But I had to endure one of the Sun’s flares.”

A moan went throughout the hall. Everyone had come to despise the Sun’s flares, almost as much as they had come to despise Neptune’s gas-attacks.

Venus flushed in embarrassment and cast her eyes below.

“Sun,” Mercury spoke up. “Summon the Asteroid Security System to remove this dwarf at once.”

“You must leave, Pluto, I apologize,” the Sun said quietly. “Or else I will have no choice but to send you into Behemoth.”

“Did it ever occur to you,” Pluto spat out as the Asteroid Security System began to escort him out. “That I am so cold because I am so far away from you?”

“That was not my choice,” the Sun said quietly. “It is not the circumstances that bring you pain. But rather what you do with them.”

“Yeah, and you would know all about that,” he said. “With you and your brother… Betel! He’s a thousand times bigger than you, how is it that you were chosen?”

“The Maker decided it,” the Sun responded nonchalantly. “All is as He has willed it.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Which reminds me…” Uranus spoke up for the first time. “Where is Earth?”

The Sun closed his eyes and a sharp chuckle went up from Mars.

“She… she wasn’t invited?” Uranus asked in shock. “But… isn’t that the law of the Decree? Everyone must be invited, so long as they aren’t banished?”

“Yes…” the Sun hesitated.

“But she couldn’t come,” Mars laughed out loud. “We all know that she has too much to think about. She leaves for five minutes and everything goes to pot!”

“Hey, that’s gossip!” Haley rebuked him.

“It’s true, actually,” Saturn shook his head. “Let’s just think about what happened… Hitler became leader of the Nazis, Cancer decided to be an idiot and form the disease…” everyone tossed a look at Cancer.

She shrugged. “Sorry, it was an accident. Technically, it was meant for Hitler so…”

No one believed her.

“But she always has Lunar to babysit,” Haley objected.

“Yeah, please,” Hale-Bopp let out a mirthless laugh. “We know she’s not dependable. She’s horrible at babysitting. Just… you know… not all there.”

“Why are you defending her, anyways?” Jupiter asked her.

Haley shrugged. “I don’t know…”

“Earth has not been invited for a reason, actually,” Mercury spoke up. “It’s because we no longer trust her. Not her, in and of herself, but the people she has on her. Some of them we can trust, but that world is so messed up as of now, that it no longer deserves our time or our thought.”

“That’s true,” Venus nodded sadly. “The Ebola virus…”

“The wars in Africa,” Hale-Bopp suggested solemnly.

“ISIS rising,” Mars put in.

“The protests for equality, the Civil Wars, the objection of their leaders,” Uranus said quietly. “We’ve watched her suffer through war, death, disease, but this… all of this… it’s just so much. Is it even worth it… anymore?”

The Sun was silent. After a few moments, he spoke up. “What do you suggest we do?”

“The kindest thing to do,” Hyakutake said, his voice sad. “We send the Asteroid Security System at her, wipe her off the face of the universe. Get rid of her before the people completely pollute her and destroy her- send off their own kind to live among us.”

“We can’t do that!” Haley stood up. “Not… without the consent of the Maker.”

“That is true,” the Sun beckoned to Aquila, the eagle constellation. “Bring me the Book, please.”

All of them fell silent as the Holy Book was brought in, it’s face shining brighter than the Sun itself.

He flipped through it, muttering to himself. “The Heavens declare the glory of the Lord,” he said… flipping through the Book. “Nope. Sorry. We cannot destroy the Earth. It’s against everything that has been written.”

“But- why?” Jupiter groaned.

“Because I am beautiful,” a voice said from the entrance of the room. Everyone turned to look at her small figure as she walked inside. “I may be a mess filled to the brim with angry, greedy people who only ever think about themselves,” she shook her head. “But I am beautiful too. And as much as I hate to admit it, the Maker created me to be more important than even you, Sun. He created me to harbor man, after His own image, to hold good and evil. And I am the only among you that have had Him walk on me.”

“And die on you, too,” Hyakutake muttered.

“And that,” she shrugged it off. “But only because He loved the people I harbor enough to die for them. You cannot destroy me because where there is evil, there is good. Where there is war, there is peace. Where there is sadness, there is also joy.”

“She’s right,” Haley nodded. “You may want to destroy her because… everything would be so much easier. But how can you destroy what the Maker has in mind? Surely, you cannot. You cannot destroy her, for the same reason you cannot change my path. Because she has a purpose, as do we all.

“She is broken, yes, but she is beautiful. Exactly as the Maker designed her to be. And that’s worth fighting for,” Haley finished.

Hyakutake nodded. “They’re right. The Maker knows our plans. That’s good enough.”

Everyone, even Mars, nodded in agreement.

“Oh, Earth?” Sun asked later on in the conference. “Who did you leave to babysit?”

“Oh, I asked Lunar,” she nodded, smiling a bit.

Everyone let out a despairing groan.

“Oh, don’t worry!” she shook her head, laughing. “She’s a full sister tonight! Everything will be fine…!”

Next Day…

“Uhh… Lunar?” she gave her a little nudge. “Why are you sleeping?”

“I don’t know…” Lunar snorted, waking up. “Oh… oh, Earth, can you forgive me? I forgot that I can’t shine when the Sun isn’t with me.”

“What happened to the people, do you know?” Earth asked.

“Well…” Lunar hesitated. “There kind of was another war…”

“LUNAR!” Earth yelled in exasperation. “You were supposed to stop this!”

“I know, I know… it’s just…”

“How many people died?” Earth questioned.

“Well now… I don’t know…”


“Maybe twenty-five?”




Back at the Kuiper Belt

“You know, Neptune,” the Sun sighed, scratching his head. “I’m glad that’s over for another year.”

“Yes,” Neptune nodded. “But the Earth did deserve to come. It was very wrong of you to not invite her.”

“I know, it was. But what else was I supposed to do?”

“Praise the Maker for who Earth is because… He knows where we would be without her.”

“True, true,” Sun nodded. “Hey, maybe Saturn can propose to her!”

“Not in a thousand years, big man! These rings are all mine…” Saturn tossed at him loftily, heading back towards his Orbit.

“Hey, Sun?” Haley asked, heading towards the Sun. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, Haley,” he smiled at her.

“Does it hurt to shine so bright?” she asked.

“Well…” he hesitated. “Sometimes. Mostly because no one ever looks at me. But let me tell you, Haley, I look forward to the day when I can retire. All of you guys will live off of the Makers light, not my own. Won’t that be beautiful?”

“Beautiful… absolutely,” she nodded. “But, until then… shine bright, majesty.” Giving him one last smile she whipped her tale into action, heading towards her orbit. Even as she was speeding on her way, her laughs of joy could be heard all around the Universe.

At the Earth’s orbit, Earth smiled as she heard her laugh. “Thanks for telling me about the Association, Haley,” she whispered. “I don’t think I’d be here without you.”

The End

Life Update #1

Life Update #1

Okay, so, big news for all of my followers. No, it’s not good news as I wish it was. My arms have been bothering me for the past… well, almost six months now. It hurts to type, play my harp, and do just about anything.

SO! I am heading to physical therapy tomorrow, and will be taking off of writing and harp for a while until it gets better. All that to say, I am moving my once-a-week posting to every other week just for now. That way, I can still post something, but I won’t irritate my arms.

Once my arms have recovered, I might go back to the once a week thing. Anyhow, I will keep you updated.

AND! I have something coming out on the Rebelution next Tuesday, and I also have a few things coming out on Kingdom Pen soon so… make sure you keep an eye out!

Thanks so much, lovelies!