Hold My Hand
In the midst of this sorrow

Let’s find some peace.

Don’t see only this hateful world.

Please, in this grief,

Find a way to love.

In this pain,

Find some way to dance.
Hold my hand

I’ll dance with you

In the dust and ashes.

My feet don’t move

Will you show me the steps

To the song inside your head?

The one I used to know.
Don’t let them make us

Become like them,

Spiteful and looking for revenge.

Let’s hope for something better

Something eternal with love.

Because life

Keeps on leaving

You and me.

Why waste it

With consuming things?

Author Bio: Havilah is a poetry and speculative fiction writer from the hills of East Tennessee. Besides writing she likes art, mountains, and anything to do with Meyer-Briggs personality types. 


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