The final battle is approaching…
Lennox continues to fight against the Regime and Ahab, battling her own emotions as well as she gets over the loss of her best friend. Times are changing, and she soon learns that. Now working as a combat medic, she works to find survivors in what used to be the beautiful, free land of America. Now all she can see is blood, death, and destruction. Not only do they have to face Ahab and the Regime, but the Regime is now working on altering humans and animals alike, enhancing them and changing their DNA and faith in God isn’t proving to be enough.
Will the Sparrows succeed?
Or will they be lost in the tide of war-
And eternity?


Mandy Fender has, again, done an outstanding job. The themes and the characters are relatable and the book proposes the question we all ask ourselves- through it all, will we prevail?

Lovers of the Hunger Games, Legend and Maze Runner series will devour this epic finale to an equally epic series. If you are a teen striving to seek and serve God in all you do and say, this novel is for you. From the beginning to the beautiful, artistic ending, Lennox remains strong in her beliefs and strives to please her Master.

Mandy Fender artistically crafts words to fit onto the clean white pages like a master. This award-winning author shapes this novel together in a way that promises to make you stay up until the morning light.

Through all of the novel, she weaves beautiful messages, shows us that the future isn’t that bleak and reminds us that, if we have Christ, we are, indeed, a Conqueror.


3 thoughts on “Conquerer

  1. KayleighAnne, what a beautiful review! I love how you so flawlessly described Mandy’s novel. It was such a good story and so so excited you enjoyed it. ❤

    Thank you so much for being part of the blog tour!


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