So… I realized today as I was typing that I missed my post yesterday. Whoops. I’ve been super busy and sick this week so… yeah, I have no excuse.  Anyways, here is a book review for a new book from a author friend of mine, Paul Willis!


Jack has never had a simple day in his life. Growing up in futuristic-America where Christianity is not an option, he has always had to conceal his secret. Through the years of his life the persecution of the forbidden Christians has become quite deadly. When his sister is drafted into the army, Jack accidentally does something so reckless it puts his entire family in danger. Thankfully he has connections- and the people who will escort his family to Mexico are offering Jack something much bigger than freedom. They’re offering him a chance to fight for it.

This book is filled with non-stop, fast-paced action that will cause readers to grip the edge of their seats, or should I say books? Anyone who is looking for a wild, Christian dystopian are encouraged to check this out. The moral messages are strong, the characters are quite relatable, and Crossroads covers the question that we always ask.
How far are we willing to go?

Overall I give this book a rating of four out of five stars. The only reason I am not allowing five stars is because there were some points I found quite confusing and unable to understand. Other than that this was a fantastic read and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Go buy it. You won’t regret it!


Specific age range: 16+ for violence, gore, and some disturbing images.



Order Paul’s Book here!!!


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