Inspiration for today—-
I’m sitting at my desk tossing a look at my surroundings. My hair is still wet from my shower and I’m feeling hungry for lunch… even though it’s not that time yet. 

 My eyes fall on my outline that I have pinned up to my wall. There are check marks where I have completed those parts and red Xs where I have cut out the unnecessary. And still everywhere there are writings of changes, things I should do differently and what I should change. 

 What keeps me in awe of this outline, however, is it shows me where I am. I am now closer to the end than the beginning. 

 And that’s crazy. 

I remember when my arms were unable to write… staring at that paper being like “I’m never going to finish this. This goal is unobtainable. I have failed.”

 And yet I kept on pushing. 

 And little by little, the check marks proceeded down the page and the doubt lessened. I knew I could do it. And so, my friends, I did. 


Life is like an outline. Sure, maybe the future words of your outline are invisible. I know mine are. You might wake up, not knowing what you have to do tomorrow. Every single day you have to rewrite that outline because of something that goes wrong— or unbelievably right. 

 Those pen marks on my outline are like the things you will change tomorrow. The red Xs of your life are the things you avoid because you are afraid they will turn out wrong. 

 So you go a different way. 

Sometimes you are glad that you did.

And sometimes…you are not.

But every day I think you should congratulate yourself because of how far you have come. 

 Be like me after each writing session!

Stand up triumphantly and write your check- because you have succeeded. 

 And no matter the hardships… keep on pushing. Even when it seems unobtainable, impossible… even when it seems like you have failed. 

My favorite thing to tell myself is this- 
“You do not fail until you put the pencil down.”
And that goes for everything in life too. Even when things suck and everything is absolutely terrible… do not stop. Keep the pencil gripped in your hand tightly and scratch down those words. Even if they don’t make sense… keep at it. 

 Because someday they will.
And when you start to look at the outline of your life, do not think about how far you have to go. Flip to the other side of the page and stare at all those checks. 
Look how far you have come.


6 thoughts on “My first blog post

  1. I loved this KayleighAnne!

    My wrist pain has prevented me from writing as much as I want to which is frustrating because, how can you write when the pain keeps you from it?

    I totally got it when you described looking at your checklist thinking,”I am never gonna get this all done!”

    Beautiful writing and I can’t wait to read more from you. 🙂

    Thank you for encouraging me today!


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