Red, the flush on our faces, the roses in the bouquet-

The color of our dress while in his arms we


Orange, the color of the sunrise, the fire in our chest-

The color of the pennies for a ring and a family


Yellow, the center of daffodils, like the center of our hearts-

The color of our wanderings that tears our love


Green, the color of growth when love is found again-

Where seasons start and flowers grow and love is not


Blue, the colors of the tears we cry while all is ripped away-

The color of the oceans apart and the light of a brand new


Indigo, the color of the dye that stains the purest cloth-

The color of tomorrows new horizons and the moonlit


Violet, the color of the flowers like it all began-

The color of her smiling eyes and the altar which you



The rainbow was created by sorrow and pain-

The crystals that create the rainbow

Must first create the rain.

This is one of 6 poems I had published. Out of all of them, this is the most recent. 


 We leave on the morrow for a trip, so that is why I’m releasing this early. 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Rainbow

  1. hey kiki, that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read it like five times😉 did you actually write that?


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