Okay, so, big news for all of my followers. No, it’s not good news as I wish it was. My arms have been bothering me for the past… well, almost six months now. It hurts to type, play my harp, and do just about anything.

SO! I am heading to physical therapy tomorrow, and will be taking off of writing and harp for a while until it gets better. All that to say, I am moving my once-a-week posting to every other week just for now. That way, I can still post something, but I won’t irritate my arms.

Once my arms have recovered, I might go back to the once a week thing. Anyhow, I will keep you updated.

AND! I have something coming out on the Rebelution next Tuesday, and I also have a few things coming out on Kingdom Pen soon so… make sure you keep an eye out!

Thanks so much, lovelies!



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