Today, this week, we are doing something different. I will not be releasing an article or a short story. Now, before you go all ‘arghh’ on me, I want to explain why. I am not releasing anything for me- I am releasing this for you. 

 This is your time to write your own short story based on the prompt I have provided. I have given you a chance to see what I can write, now I want to see what you can write! 

And that, my friends and happy followers, is why I am releasing early this week- so that I can have time to read them before I prepare my next post! 

So, here it is: 

“You’re looking for a new house to buy, when in the basement of an old house you find a crumpled up letter between the cracks of the concrete. Opening it up, you are clearly surprised. It’s a letter that, if it had been sent, would’ve altered history- and therefore would have changed the world as we know it.” 

Who wrote the letter? What does it say? Why was it never sent? What would it have changed? What are YOU going to do about it?
Happy writing! 


2 thoughts on “Story Prompt #1 

  1. I looked up at the next house. I felt like we were never going to find the perfect match for our family. Yes it was beautiful, but it seemed a bit too isolated. I knew My kids would never even look at the inside if they were here. But I knew I might as well, seeing as I was going back to south America tomorrow. So I opened the front door and walked inside. It was very big, and seemed to be a perfect match, but it gave me shivers for some reason. I shrugged them off and continued walking.
    The rooms were big, and there were plenty of them, and I liked the lay out of the house. “Maybe this is an option after all.” The realtor had told me this was a old house, and if he hadn’t told me that I would have never known. It was in such good shape, and everything seemed to be new. I started walking down stairs. It was smaller than I expected but I guess whoever lived here last didn’t like big basements. I continued walking, and realized It was much bigger than it had first appeared. There were many rooms making it look smaller when if you took them away it would be big. I walked through the many empty rooms until I got to a bigger one.
    I looked around expecting to just see another empty room. But there was something on the floor. Was it a piece of paper? As I walked to it and picked it up I saw it was a letter. It was old and torn, but readable. I squinted my eyes as I tried to make out the words. It read:


    It seemed as if someone had been trying to kill Abraham Lincoln. I put the paper in my pocket and left the house. I was not going to let my family live there. I went back to my hotel and researched Abraham Lincoln. It looked like there were many attempts to kill him. It listed everyone who tried and when they tried. I started researching them. I went through all of them with no luck but finally I got to the last one. I copied the name and put it in a new tab. It seemed as if Derik Vincent had tried to kill Abraham. He had failed but was not caught since he ran away and couldn’t be found. Three days later his body was found lying in a pile of dried blood.
    His family were devasted, and after the funeral closed themselfs off. They could only be seen when they came out to get food and water. After a week of them not coming out a neighbor went to check on them. the door was cracked open and when the neighbor walked in she was meet by a pile of the family. And a note that said: I TOLD YOU. It was said you could hear her scream from thirty miles away. That case was never solved. And I left on the first plane back to South America to keep living there. Yes my family would be sad I didn’t find a house. But I suddely didn’t want to leave my house ever again.

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    1. Beautiful! The only thing I would advise you to change in your writing is you began with ‘I’ a lot. Add a bit of detail before, then have the I! Very well done!


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